website/app domain desktop is a web Domain and a Web3 App able to: to publish Pacts which could be Petition, Manifestos or Open-letters, then collect Pact’s signatures from community, raise funds to boost the Pacts Communication, and get influence from other people who are paid for the Lobbying they make for the cause.

What is under the Hood?

A good diagram is better than a long speech!

Here is how is working:


  • App is using its Ceramic node to access and write content. We use the data model on composeDB. Then this content is stored using Ceramic and final data is stored on IPFS peer to peer File System protocol.

  • App1 is an App that uses data model and Ceramic node, but the APP is different from one.

  • App2 is a third App that uses its own Ceramic node and but with the’s data model.

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