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Partners and the eco-system


datas are on and anchored on chain. So we can be interoperable. User own their datas, devs can create new experiences on top of each other, freely and open. Contents and Data are stored on IPFS through Ceramic Network.


Our data models are open, and run on ComposeDB, giving both us and anybody that wish to build new frontends or features on top, a GraphQL interface for queries and mutations of datas, secured, and owned by the creator. We are upgrading to the new querying features ComposeDB


useOrbis at the forefront of social web3, on top of ceramic, it's the perfect fit for pact social. They power contextual chat rooms available on each pact. For the community to better engage, debate, and build. We are thrilled to add new conversation medium to useOrbis.

Gitcoin Passport

Signatures should be counted uniquely, thanks to gitcoinpassport! becomes the only platform that verifies the unicity of signatures: by humans, not bots. All without KYC process. We are proud grantees in the Gitcoin web3 community round + OpenCivics round of #GG19 😉

Lit Protocol

At pact social we aim at being web3 for everyone. thanks to Lit Protocol, decentralized signing protocol, you can sign on pact social with your email or a google account. Lit Protocol, also powers permissions on encrypted datas, for a private web3 experience.

Community and Funding Partners


"OpenCivics convenes and facilitates a civic innovation network of leaders, innovators, change agents, and public servants actualized in service to the public good." is super proud to have been selected as potential Advocacy tool and propose the Decentralized Civics Declaration for signature. recieved some funds from the OpenCivics community after the Gitcoin round 19.

Find their Decentralized Civics Declaration on


"Since 2017, Gitcoin has been building tools that enable communities to build, fund and protect what matters to them." is super proud to have been selected for the GG#19 as "Web Community and Education" tool. received funds from Gitcoin Community!

To verify signature, is using the Gitcoin passport, which is a good way to verify humanity and unicity without any KYC. received some funds from the Gitcoin community after the Gitcoin round 19.


Giveth's mission is to "To build a culture of giving that rewards and empowers those who give - to projects, to society, and to the world."

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