Who is pact.social?

Humans that make it happen

We are a bunch of Cyberpunks that build Sybil resistant tools to bring people together to Act.

We are all hackers driven by change. We are the 99%. Our world seems under chaos everyday, yet we strive to change our daily lives in a certainly unfair war against each other.

The Founding Team

pact.social is born from a team composed of independents with complementary skills and with a great Web3 experience. ranging from: Before there was peer-to-peer in the early days of the pirate bay and napster, he was creating digital products around decentralised values. Springing from an early study of geopolitics, economics and what they used to call conspiracy theories. We could call him a French revolutionary back in the day when it was not yet cool to be revolutionary.

On the other hand, creating projects around decentralised power online and offline, Coops and Social impact hubs, using different governance structures like sociocracy and pedagogical models like rudolf steiner, understanding different paradigms by living in very different cultures (country and other subcultures), diversity of people and power structures. Realizing that any community, even huge DAO's are all made up of humans, and can achieve incredible things together if the base structure and tools are trusted.

We can also count with the courageous and determined attitude to radically change from a comfortable steady job, to full dedication to purpose driven work and bringing with it the experience of operations of large corporations. Taking a deep dive and relearning what illusionary security fiat money and political systems brings. And living life making people smile and humor being the best people connector.

The Community

pact.social is a community. A community committed to its beliefs. A community that is tired of leaving its personal data, political opinions or personal convictions exploited by other petition management platforms under the cover of endless and unclear legal texts, in the unique goal to increase their private capital. pact.social has a vocation to become a DAO. DAO members could be anyone who wants to contribute to the project.

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