For organisations and DAO's

As an organisation you might want to run your campaigns on your own domains within your own branded style. offers several solutions for this:

  • Embed the signing widget (on the roadmap) to your own page, so people can sign on your page, but you are insured verification and privacy are covered because it runs through the smart contracts.

  • SDK: software development kit (on the roadmap) is designed to output an SDK, so "Pacts" and their functionalities can be easily be implemented by a programmer in your own webpage or app.

  • Protocol - Build your own app with the protocol. Alternatively the protocol is designed in a way that everybody can create their own signatures verified system to their projects, until we have the protocol ready however we can create a custom page for organisations and campaign managers on demand.

Until that time and if you do not have the resources to code the page yourself, but believe in what we do fits with your values as an organisation. Please reach out to us and we can start a collaboration.

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