How to sign?

Here is described the 3 type of signatures we proposed

To be able to sign, you need first to be connected. (how to connect?)

You can sign as anon, public or an organisation

Sign as Anon

When you select "sign anonymously", we create a random wallet for you. The Wallet address displayed in the signatures list is the address of this random wallet. We burn this wallet just after you sign.

Sign Publicly

When you choose this option your Wallet address can be displayed. You need to fill a Name. It could be your real name or a pseudo.

If you complete your profile with an organization name or a title, and if you upload a profile picture, these informations will be displayed. Like this 👇

But other informations like your country, city or Bio, are never displayed.

Your eMail is never displayed (and it is encrypted) and only used to keep you informed about the pact's updates.

All these information are written through Ceramic network. We never store your data, we only read it from Ceramic. See how it technically works here.

Sign as an organisation

If you are an organisation, you can also sign as an entity: 1️⃣ Fill your name 2️⃣ Enable "Sign as an org." 3️⃣ Fill your organisation name 4️⃣ Sign

Your signature will appear like this 👇

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