vision and mission

The bigger picture is one of the advocacy tools developed by CitizenLab within a bigger vision and mission. The vision in which we base all our creations of tools is linked to the change we want to see in the world.

What we see is that we are part of a wider network of active builders that are connected in a bigger vision, in which we Create Coherent open infrastructures for free and conscious human beings.

New society structures can only rise when the power structure shift dramatically. To shift power individuals need to have tools that are decentralised, and thus transferring power from the few, to the many. is one of the tools that exists for advocacy of the many. Our mission is to build it and create it in a way so that individuals do not need to compromise their privacy and data control to be able to organise within a network. Humans have the purpose to foster change, together without fear.

Change happens faster if fear of control, and doubts are replaced by trust. Trust is only achieved by true transparency, and robust technology built without a single point of failure, and governed by the many.

To gain trust in any other way is just marketing. We believe technology should be accessible to anyone, and especially technology that is said to be for benefits bigger than the individual need. Let's say the planet or society, or world health or energy.

We also have seen that value creation and value administration and distribution can be perfectly handled by one community at the time. And adds up to more than its sum.

Abundance is a mindset and conscious humans that organize themselves around it have been proven to prosper and create value beyond their own community therefore.

Our mission is to bring: Coherent open infrastructures to free and conscious human beings.

With we focus on the aspect of free speech, and be the platform that gives a voice to the many and give us a trusted structure to advocate!

We are building more advocacy tools that share this mission:


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