How to publish Pact's updates? offers an update system. Only the Pact’s creator can publish these updates. This can be, for example, to rectify data written in the pact. Or, it may be to encourage the community to share even more in order to reach a signature volume goal. It can also be used to keep the community informed about the progress on the cause.

Updates are displayed in the Updates tab of the Pact detail page. Each update includes a title, a description, a date and the signature of the Pact’s creator.

1️⃣ Connect with the wallet you used to create the Pact

2️⃣ Open your Pact and click on "Update" tab then click on "Post an Update"

3️⃣ Fill a Title, a Description, the Content and an image if you want. You can "Save as a Draft" or "Push Live". The update will be visible by everyone below the Pact itself and under the "Updates" tab.

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