What is a "Pact"?

A "Pact" can be a Petition, a Manifesto or an Open-Letter! And is constructed as a Campaign.

	A pact on pact.social includes: 
	- Texts and images
	- Sign and share and verify signers. 
	- List of signers and an overview of the amount of signatures verified or not.
	- Updates to its campaign, so keep all those that signed and provided their email address notifications on what happens to the pact, and or keep the community engaged, 
	- Comments options. So a discussion around the cause can be happening right there within the Pact. 
	- Action items: Add to collection, Sign, Share or report violation of policy. 

A Pact has its own unique URL and when you arrive at it via an advocacy action, this URL will contain its unique signature that links your actions to the advocate.

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