Code of Conduct

As an open platform, we’re committed to freedom of expression. You’ll see a range of perspectives here, as all of the Pacts on have been created by people in the community. Anyone can use no matter who they are, where they live, and what they believe, as long as they follow simple guidelines to keep our platform safe and open.

This applies to all content you post. “Content” includes, but is not limited to, petitions, manifestos and open-letters content, but also updates, comments and files/photos/pictures.

Here are the things we don’t want to see on, which may force us to filter some Pacts from displaying or to ban followers from our Social Media accounts. Be aware that all contents of a Pact is written through Ceramic protocol (then written on IPFS protocol). can be seen as a « viewer » of this content and not as the tool that hosts this content. Even if team decides to filter a Pact that doesn’t respect our Community Guidelines from displaying, we cannot remove content from Ceramic/IPFS because the only owner of a Pact is the creator himself. can only read and eventually filter content published by users on Ceramic.

Here is the categories we don’t want to see on

  • Violence — We don’t allow content that incites, glorifies, supports or encourages violence against anyone — and this includes support for violent groups or individuals. No matter how passionately you feel about an issue, don’t use calls for violence to express your feelings or support the same behavior from others.

  • Defamation, disrespect — any content that include defamatory, « offensive », « discriminatory or abusive » language.

  • Scam, Third parties rights— usurping a third party identity or directly or indirectly infringing any third party or the rights of third parties, in particular the right to privacy.

  • Intellectual property rights — any publications infringing intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademark law.

  • Sexual - Pornographic - Violent - Sensitive image— Waiting for a NSFW feature, we keep the right to temporarily filter this kind of content. But as soon as we will have a NFSW feature able to hide this kind of content, and display it only on a volunteer action of the user, we will allow it.

  • Child pornography — No Child pornography.

  • Animals abusing — Promote violence against animals is not welcomed. But using an explicit image showing some violences to illustrate a Pact AGAINST Animal abusing should be considered as NFSW content. We will treat this as NFSW content. (See bullet about Sexual - Pornographic - Violent - Sensitive image)

  • Threats Any publications constituting acts of intimidation, harassment or blackmail are not welcomed.

  • Hate Speech - We at have a hard time understanding what is flagged as "hate speech", since the meaning of the term, seems to be changing almost everyday by the legacy media and sitting political powers. We will not moderate our content according to the political agenda of the current or future sitting powers. But rather have moderation guidelines decided by our community, common sense and the core values of respect in how we treat eachother. We believe without defining moderation based on "hate speech" or "hate groups", all our other community moderation guidelines above, will cover most issues that we do not stand for on our platform.

  • Please approach us directly if you feel something is missing here.

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