How to connect?

Before to act, you must be connected

2 ways to connect

🦊 You are web3 user, connect with your Wallet!

📨 You don't know what the heck is a Wallet? => Connect with your Google account or with an eMail, we create an Ethereum address for you!

🚨 Good to know:

You can choose this method to sign without verification, but if you want to create a "Pact" or if you want to verify your signature, you must connect a Wallet.

To help you step by step::

1️⃣ Click on "Connect" (upper right on desktop, in the upper left menu on mobile)

2️⃣ Choose the way to connect:

With your Google Account? => go to 3️⃣.1

With an eMail? => go to 3️⃣.2

With a Wallet? => go to 4️⃣

3️⃣.1 If you choose "sign-in with Google", wait a moment, then you 're connected:

3️⃣.2 If you choose eMail connection, enter you eMail and click on "SEND CODE":

then open your mail-box, copy the code, and paste it on, and finally, click on "Verify":

After some seconds, you're connected! => You can see your ethereum address displayed as is 👇instead of the "Connect' button.

4️⃣ If you choose one of the Wallet, click on "Sign"

5️⃣ Confirm the connection in your Wallet (here is Metamask), then go back on

6️⃣ Once on, you need now to unlock your private storage, click on "Sign":

7️⃣ Confirm it in your Wallet:

8️⃣ You are connected and ready to use! 🥳👏

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