About your personal data

read here how we manage your personal data

No personal data are needed to use the platform.

All personal data are facultative: name, eMail, bio, organisation, title, ..., everything!!

But if you choose to put some personal data like a name or a pseudo, a bio, and so on, you have to know that we don't store it neither exploit nor resell to someone else.

When you choose to associate personal data to your profile those data are written through Ceramic network and linked in your Ethereum address (your Wallet address)

The sole owner is you, not pact.social.


Here are all data you can associate to your profile. 👇

The name, the profile picture, your organisation and your title are potentially displayed if you choose to sign publicly. See the different kind of signatures here.

The eMail is only used to keep you informed about pact.social platform and about the Pacts you signed if you ticked "Stay informed" box. like here 👇

We don't store your eMail, instead, we encrypt it and write it on Ceramic (like the other personal informations you filled). When you ticked the "stay informed box" or when you fill an eMail in your profile, you allow pact.social to decrypt your eMail from pact.social. If you want to stop it, you just have to remove your eMail from your profile, that's it!

You can change or remove your personal data when you want.

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