protocol: Verification

How do we ensure sybil resistance, by verifying humans.

The many make an impact if we can prove that every signature is a unique human. To keep activists anonymous while still preserving the impact of the amount of signatures is a challenging task. We do not claim to have found the absolute answer and fortunately there are a lot of lunarpunks working to do just this same thing. (proof of humanity, ... ... etc) We will be up to date to constantly improve it. What we have at this moment are several layers of verification.

Cloudflare > when opting for anonimous signing, the first filter we use is with Cloudflare Turnstile. Cloudflare Turnstile stops abuse and confirms visitors are real without the data privacy concerns or awful user experience of CAPTCHAs.

Gitcoin Passport > Signatures should be counted uniquely. Thanks to @gitcoinpassport becomes the only platform that verifies the unicity of signatures: by humans, not bots. All without KYC process.

Gitcoin Passport is a sybil resistance protocol and identity aggregation dApp built on the Ceramic Network. Users can collect various identity attestations, called "Stamps", from web2 and web3 authenticators all in one place.

Web3 citizens interface with the Passport Protocol through the Passport holder dApp at A score > 20 triggers a verified signature.

Email verification with Managing user login with Stytch enables you to authenticate users on an ongoing basis via one-click, passwordless login. When a user signs up for the app, they are added to Stytch. Then, whenever a user goes to login to your app, authenticate them via a magic link.

with Google >

Wallet > when signing with wallet you verify confirmation in your wallet.

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