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For true activism and free voices

We believe the human right to Privacy is one of the big pillars that makes true activism and free voices possible. With Privacy at we refer to maintaining your identity hidden from your digital engagement on the platform.

  • You are able to sign for a petition, manifesto or open letter and/or create a profile on pact social with your identity protected.

  • You will always have the option to show your support to a pact anonymously.

  • You can create a profile just with your wallet.

  • And even when you sign a pact with email or google authentication your email get encrypted and we create a wallet address for you. This wallet will also be used to receive points when people come and sign the pact using your unique link.

To make your signature count, we do need to prove you are a human, and not a bot. So to sign anonymously we do have some verification methods to maintain the platform sybil resistant. More about verification methods in our verification deep dive.

How do we do it?

Email > when you sign a pact with email, you will be sent a verification code to your email address we use . Stytch will have your email address therefore, but its not linked to the pact you signed, and the wallet address that is created in the process. To be completely anonymous, It's your responsibility to create an unidentifiable email address and social media outlets.

Google > To sign in anonymously with google authenticator we use Lit protocol for secure data encryption. Lit is a key management network for decentralized signing and encryption.

Wallet connect > you can connect with your preferred wallet me.

When you sign a pact: use an encrypted signature hash with validator DID.

When you create a profile.

When you share > using the widget share option > An unique link is created that tracks engagement of anyone that reaches the pact page with this link.

We understand that when you start sharing, you choose to create a public appearance that links your social network or other publications to your unique link of the pact you are advocating for. When you share on social networks that are linked to your identity therefore you are connecting your identity to the pact. This is happening outside of, and beyond our control.

We use the DID W3 standard. Whenever data is updated, it is signed by the user's DID, so that the ownership and provenance of all writes is verifiable.

Ceramic is a shared data network for storing, managing and querying large amounts of verifiable data, like a decentralised version of a traditional database.

ComposeDB, built on Ceramic, is a decentralised graph database that uses a graph structure: GraphQL for interacting with data stored on Ceramic network. you write data to the blockchain and then query it with The Graph. Signing Transactions: CACAO (Chain Agnostic Capability Object)

Profiles are not public.

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