How to create a Pact?

Create a Petition, a Manifesto or an Open-Letter

1️⃣ You need to connect with a wallet. (See how to connect here)

2️⃣ Click on "Start a Pact" in the header

then, follow these steps:

3️⃣ Select the Pact's type: Petition, Manifesto or Open-Letter

4️⃣ Choose an existing topic or create a new one. To create one:

  1. Enter your topic

  2. Click on Create "Name of your topic"

5️⃣ Choose a title for your Pact.

6️⃣ Enter a summary for your Pact.

7️⃣ Fill your content: Use the H2 or H3 to highlight chapter or title. Do not hesitate to put links, separators, bullet points list... make your text as attractive and readable as possible!

8️⃣ Choose one or several images to illustrate your pact. Check the rendering cause we don't have yet integrated cropping tool. We are working on it 😉!

9️⃣ If you want to save a draft of your pact and publish it later, click on save draft

🔟 When it's ready, click on "Complete to Publish Live"

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